Video Of Mohbad Checking Out The Range Rover Velar He Planned To Buy A Few Days Before His Death (VIDEO)

September 18, 2023

A new video has appeared where the late Nigerian singer, Mohbad, is seen looking at different cars, possibly including a Range Rover Velar, at a car dealership.

This video comes out as the Nigerian police are looking into what happened to Mohbad.

Mohbad’s death was first announced on September 12. Initially, it was said that he had a problem with his ear. But some people thought something bad might have happened during his last performance.

After Mohbad passed away, a popular skit maker named Cute Abiola said on Instagram that Mohbad had plans to buy a new Range Rover Velar that week before he died. But at that time, there was no strong proof to support what Cute Abiola said.

Now, this new video proves that what Cute Abiola said is true. It shows Mohbad at a car dealership looking at Range Rover cars.


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