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Black Gold Fundz

Black Gold Fundz How To Apply Registration fee, you have to pay a one-time registration fee of #2500 to activate your account and that’s the gateway to your bag of money. Once you successfully sign up, you’ll get an instant welcome bonus of #150,…

February 17, 2020

We Celebrate Mr Emmanuel Akpakwu (Happy Birthday From Us)

Today we celebrate together with the millions of people across the world with Mr Emmanuel Akpakwu the Chairman Aim Global Nig. Dakinda group of companies, Ojilima Hospital and Mateflicks on his birthday. If you appreciate the good work God is using him to do…

February 16, 2020

Register For Face Of Greenleaf International

Face of Greenleaf International Is not just a pageant but a business package to raise entrepreneurs amongst our young women. Helping them to be independent and productive in life. Adding value to themselves and the society at large. How good are you with people…

January 31, 2020
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