THE SPOTLIGHT: ZagaEmpire Exclusive Interview With Rising Star, Droll

August 13, 2022

We at ZagaEmpire welcome all our esteem followers to an engagement that gives you the opportunity to meet emerging stars in the Nigerian entertainment industry (). We hope to make this worth your time.

Today, we’ll be meeting with Oyejide Olaide idriz, also known as Droll. Droll is a diverse upcoming star singer who creates amazing and impressive music.

In this interview, Droll discusses how he got started as a musician, his background, and much more. Enjoy!!!


ZAGAEMPIRE: Tell us about yourself

DROLL: I’m Oyejide Olaide idriz, my people call me Droll. I’m born and raised in Oyo state


ZAGAEMPIRE: What inspires you to make music?

DROLL: Uhmm I would everything about music in general, the message part also, people before me inspires me a lot


ZAGAEMPIRE: How did you get into music?

DROLL: Honestly, it just came … I’m attracted to melody


ZAGAEMPIRE: What was the atmosphere like at home and in your immediate environment when you first started?

DROLL: Back home it was tough, people won’t believe in you till you’re somebody, it’s still tough here but they’re loving the sound already.


ZAGAEMPIRE: What has been the most difficult challenge you have faced on your musical journey?

DROLL: Capital in general


ZAGAEMPIRE: As an artiste, what has been your biggest source of motivation?

DROLL: Things I feel, see and that happen in my environment motives me a lot


ZAGAEMPIRE: Tell us about your most recent song, “Fireworks

DROLL: It’s a song that speaks about how to move close to your partner and love them with their insecurities


ZAGAEMPIRE: What else do you do aside from music?

DROLL:  I work


ZAGAEMPIRE: Who is your role model in the entertainment industry?

DROLL: Burna Boy


ZAGAEMPIRE: Why did you decide to make him your role model?

DROLL: He’s Real, his music is real and raw


ZAGAEMPIRE: What do you hope to achieve as an artiste in the next three (3) years?

DROLL: Success! and all my secret Agenda


ZAGAEMPIRE: What will be your greatest achievement as an artiste?

DROLL: See my momma shed joy while I’m doing great


ZAGAEMPIRE: If you quit music, what else will you venture into?

DROLL: Business


ZAGAEMPIRE: Which artiste in the entire world has earned your maximum respect and why?

DROLL: Wizkid, baba too Dey mind inn business.


ZAGAEMPIRE: What advice do you have for aspiring artistes?

DROLL: Don’t stop. It won’t happen overnight


We at ZagaEmpire want to thank ‘DROLL‘ for giving us this precious moment amidst your hectic schedules, as well as our adoring fans for sticking with us from the beginning to the end of this interview.

You can Contact/follow DROLL for booking and enquiry through:

Instagram: @Drollthegreat 

Twitter: @DtgDroll

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