Rising Afrobeats sensation Emperor captivates on new single ‘Calling’

October 4, 2023

This impressive single marks the inception of Emperor’s ascent as it showcases his knack for crafting evocative lyrics, entrancing rhythms, and soul-stirring harmonies capable of forging to forge profound connections with listeners.

On ‘Calling,’ Emperor explores the timeless motif of Love. This track, adorned with its irresistible beats and heartfelt verses, embarks on a voyage into the depths of falling headlong into love, where emotions whirl into an ardent tempest, leading to a complete abandonment of self-restraint.

Emperor’s velvety vocal prowess and artful storytelling construct a sonic odyssey that beckons listeners irresistibly.


This latest release serves as a prelude to an impending series of singles, culminating in the much-anticipated release of an EP, solidifying Emperor’s status as an artiste poised for the spotlight.


STREAM ON DSPS Emperor – Calling

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