MIXTAPE: DJ OP Dot – Last Respect (Mohbad Mix)

September 21, 2023

MIXTAPE: DJ OP Dot – Last Respect (Mohbad Mix)

“Last Respect (Mohbad Mix)” by DJ OP Dot is indeed a heartfelt tribute to Mohbad’s talent and a testament to his enduring legacy. This mix not only celebrates his music but also serves as a reminder of his impact on the music industry.

DJ OP Dot’s mix is a powerful statement that Mohbad’s music lives on and continues to resonate with fans. The mix brings together his notable tracks, creating a musical journey that showcases his compelling lyrics and distinctive flow.

The call for #Justice4Mohbad reflects the mix’s deeper meaning, highlighting the need to remember and honor the artist’s contributions. It’s a rallying cry to ensure that his legacy is preserved and that his story is not forgotten.

“Last Respect (Mohbad Mix)” is more than just music; it’s a collective expression of love and appreciation for an artist who left a significant mark. DJ OP Dot’s mixtape stands as a testament to the enduring power of music to unite people and keep an artist’s memory alive.

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DOWNLOAD MP3: MIXTAPE: DJ OP Dot – Last Respect (Mohbad Mix)



Tracks List
1. Intro – DJ OP Dot
2. Mohbad – I Dey Find You
3. Mohbad – Beast & Peace
4. Mohbad – Jah Cover
5. Mohbad – Adura
6. Mohbad – Sorry
7. Mohbad – Sabi
8. Mohbad – Blessing
9. Mohbad – Mariwo
10. Mohbad – Omo Mi
11. Mohbad – Ask About me
12. Mohbad – La Pio Pio
13. Mohbad – Feel Good
14. Mohbad – Tiff
15. Mohbad – Weekend
16. Mohbad – Jaabo
17. Mohbad – Vanity
18. Mohbad – Shina Peter’s
19. Mohbad – Peace
20. Mohbad – Back Side
21. Mohbad – Account Balance
22. Mohbad – KPK
23. Mohbad – Ronaldo
24. Mohbad – No Long Cap
25. Outro DJ OP Dot I Love Youuuu


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