The eviction Process For Big Brother Naija All-Stars 2023 Introduces A Fresh Twist

August 21, 2023

The eviction process on the reality television show Big Brother Naija All-Stars 2023, which involves the use of a jury, has taken on a new twist.

Following the introduction of four new housemates to the Big Brother Naija All-Stars reality show, the organizers have confirmed a new twist on the show regarding the housemates that would be nominated for eviction and how the housemate that would be evicted would be decided.

The introduction of the eviction jury at the start of the season was met with mixed reactions. It seems as though the concerns of the fans of the show have been heard as reports indicate that housemates evicted on the show would not be decided by a jury again but rather based on the voting system that had always been used on the show in previous seasons.

Many are, however, uncertain as to whether this would be a permanent change as the show is known for its different surprises, one of which had been the introduction of four new housemates to shake up the dynamics of the show.

The newly introduced housemates are:




Kim Oprah

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