Explanation of Kizz Daniel’s Business Association with Emperor Geezy

August 21, 2023

The widely discussed connection between Kizz Daniel and Emperor Geezy, his former record label executive, has been clarified. Louiza Williams, a prominent talent manager, has refuted the circulating rumors that Kizz Daniel enlisted Emperor Geezy’s services within his label, Flyboy Inc.

Instead, Williams has elucidated that the two musical entities recently forged a collaborative alliance with the aim of fostering shared artistic growth and innovative endeavors. Contrary to prevailing assumptions, Williams has emphasized that their current business relationship constitutes a partnership where Kizz Daniel willingly transferred his role as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Flyboy Inc to Emperor Geezy.

In this new framework, Kizz Daniel will concentrate more on his music career, strengthening his global fan base and connections, while entrusting essential business decisions for his brand and record label to capable hands, as outlined by Louiza Williams.

Kizz Daniel’s decision to join forces with the G-Worldwide head honcho stemmed from their common aspiration to create a supportive and imaginative environment for the artist. This strategic approach enables Kizz Daniel to uphold a significant level of artistic independence while leveraging Emperor Geezy’s extensive industry experience and expertise.

During a recent conversation, Kizz Daniel commended Emperor Geezy for his substantial contributions to his latest album, “Maverick.” He expressed, “Emperor Geezy’s involvement rekindled the spirit of the Kizz Daniel from my beginnings, and this is something I consistently value about our collaborations. He revitalizes me.”

Since the commencement of their partnership, both parties have welcomed a new talent, Pryme, under the Flyboy Inc and G-Worldwide banners. Pryme was featured in the track “Show You Off” on Kizz Daniel’s recently launched remarkable album titled “Maverick.”

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