Bolé Festival is taking over Nigeria. The entire globe is where it’s headed…

August 10, 2023

The Bolé Festival is only a strong confirmation that Port Harcourt is truly a beautiful and a safe place to have fun.

In 2016 Bolé Festival began in the city of Port Harcourt. Currently, the brand has grown sizably and is becoming the biggest food and entertainment event across Nigeria. From magnifying and showcasing the beauty of food culture and entertainment within the Southern part of Nigeria. Bolé Festival allows creators to express freely and also network and connect together.

While the festival’s motto which instructs attendees to eat, play and connect is going through continuous growth and influence. The Bolé Festival brand is multiplying its numbers each year. The event keeps making a huge difference as this year’s edition is tagged “Love and Vibes.” On the first day of the event one would experience a galore in food and fun. With multiple love birds dancing together and cuddling as their favorite performers took the stage.

Images of Ric Hassani, Johnny Drille, Siki Boi, Majesty Lyn and Kariz captured by The Wicked Shooter

Johnny Drille, Kella Kayy, Ric Hassani, Sikiboi, Vechilz, Dahvi, Victorious The Big Fat Hype, Zina, Majesty Lyn, Rukmani, Arlene, Precious Marc, amongst others.

These artists evoke an act that strongly resonates well with the emotions of the audience. For Johnny Drille most especially, he piqued the entire interest of the young ladies. Ric Hassani left the crowd screaming the punishment of their failed love interests. He proclaimed their suffering to be a strike from a pounding thunderstorm as he performed “Thunder Fire You,” alongside other incredible records. Sikiboi allowed the ladies to gush out for more exciting moments as he carried everyone along. Rukmani, Majesty Lyn and Arlene danced and engaged the audience along with other brilliant performances. The hosts and DJ’s made the night’s memories last longer.

Rukmani & Arlene captured by The Wicked Shooter

This year’s line up was star studded. On the second day. Hype Man Speech, DJ Kaydee, the exquisite female DJ Reki, DJ Valentino, Bad Boy J, Kariz, DJ Savvy, Princewill D Futurist, 2slik, Pencil D Comedian, Nedu Wazobia, Mr. 2kay, Perruzi, the Bolé Festival 2023 surprise act. Ajebo Hustlers, Dandizzy, Novemba, Kolaboy, Odumodublvck amongst others thrilled thousands of fans. Odumodublvck was the act that closed the 2023 Bolé Festival. While he was energetic on stage. He raved and it was super exciting and his performance ended up captivating the entire audience.

Odumodublvck, Knowledge and Piego, Bad Boy J, Perruzi and Mr. 2kay captured by The Wicked Shooter

Furthermore, the annually primed entertainment at the Bolé Festival. Makes a bold mark in Port Harcourt that continues to re-announce it as an entertainment loving city. According to Debby, who I stood next to in the sea of people. “Port Harcourt girls like enjoyment,” She said happily. While there are several notable talents to discover from the city.

Bolé Festival adores, promotes and is currently revitalizing the wheels of entertainment in the city of Port Harcourt. Supporting pure entertainment and also showcasing some of the best stage performances.

Whereas the event has become a huge center of attraction for various individuals all over the globe. At the Bolé Festival, one would come across people from various parts of the world. People come all the way to experience and explore premium entertainment. With several talented musical artists, amazing hosts and dj’s and lots more. At Bolé Festival the tasty foods, the thrill and the exhilaration are endless. The specially packaged 2days event keeps stamping a good impression in the hearts of the audience. Leaving them crazed and wanting more.

Bolé Festival has become a safe haven for those home and abroad. The brand has been fostering the idea of building communities. It has also been promoting the popular culture and lifestyle of those from the city of Port Harcourt. The Bolé Festival is only a strong confirmation that Port Harcourt is truly a beautiful and a safe place to have fun. Explore, and hugely invest in the progress of her renowned entertainment culture.

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