BIG DISGRACE!! Meet Nigeria “Tech Team” Who Wants To Meet The Twitter Teach Team

June 23, 2021

This country na cruise abeg.. Just forget it, e don spoil

The Twitter ban issue in Nigeria is currently a National issue already as many Nigerians have come out to tell the Government that the ban is really affecting them but since the Government has its own agenda, they are very reluctant to resolve the issue as they have been able to silent the number 1 platform giving them sleepless night.

Well, the Nigerian Government has set up a Team that will be meeting the Twitter team so they can agree on terms before Twitter operations can resume back in the Country.

Here is the Nigerian “Tech team” that will be meeting with the Twitter tech team to resolve the issues and get everything back to normal.

This is happening in a Country that has vibrant youths who excelling in I.T?

This country don finish

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