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December 22, 2019


Dablixx Oshaa a.k.a Marleba (Trap King), has been known with his popularly freestyle on Instagram “Hating On A Young Nigga”.

His one of the top rated upcoming artiste in Nigeria presently because he shock the street with a new style (Trap Rap), which is not common among Nigeria Rapper

Download All Dablixx Oshaa Marleba Songs Below:

DOWNLOAD MP3: Dablixx Oshaa Ft Zlatan & Drey Spencer – Get Out

DOWNLOAD MP3: Dablixx Oshaa X Mohbad – No Long Cap

DOWNLOAD MP3: Dablixx – HOAYN (Hating On A Young Nigga)

Dablixx Oshaa – Tattoos

DOWNLOAD MP3: DaBlixx Ft Lil Frosh – Gurumaraji

 DOWNLOAD MP3: Dablixx Oshaa – Pray We Live Long

 DOWNLOAD MP3: Dablixx – No Feelings

 DOWNLOAD MP3: Dablixx Oshaa – They Can’t Understand

 Folaranmi OT Ft Dablixx – Ma Foor

ALBUM: Dablixx Oshaa – Tony Montana

 ALBUM: Dablixx Osha – 50 EP

 EP: Dablixx Oshaa - Vibe On Quarantine

 EP: Dablixx Oshaa – Malarry EP

 EP: Dellbee Ft Dablixx Oshaa – The Pain (EP)

 EP: Dablixx Oshaa – Moller EP

 EP: Otega Ft Dablixx Oshaa – Price Paid

 DOWNLOAD MP3: Dablixx Oshaa – Change Eh (Freestyle)

 DOWNLOAD MP3: Dablixx Oshaa – Stay Woke

 DOWNLOAD MP3: Dablixx Oshaa – Flex On Em Boyz

 DOWNLOAD MP3: Dablixx Oshaa Ft Zlatan Ibile – Say No To Big Fall

 DOWNLOAD MP3: Dablixx Oshaa- Brother Love (Freestyle)

 DOWNLOAD MP3: Dablixx Oshaa – Am a project kid

 DOWNLOAD MP3: Dablixx Osha – Vanity

 DOWNLOAD MP3: Dablixx – Go Hard

 DOWNLOAD MP3: Dablixx Oshaa – Waisted

 DOWNLOAD MP3: Dablixx Oshaa – I Don’t wanna Die Young(Freestyle)

DOWNLOAD MP3: Dablixx Oshaa – King Of New School

 BIG-M.O.D.E Ft Dablixx – Fo Faiye

 Dablixx Osha – Sosoliso

 Dablixx Oshaa – Heads Up

 Dablixx Osha – Anytime

 Dablixx Osha – Appreciate

 Dablixx Osha – Ijo Shina Peter

 Dablixx Oshaa – CKMB

 Dablixx Oshaa – Wanna Laugh

 Dablixx Oshaa – Call My Phone

 Dablixx Osha – Possessed

 Dablixx Osha Ft Master T – Shaye

 Dablixx Osha – Broke

 Dablixx Oshaa – Gbona

 Dablixx Oshaa – No Worries

 Dablixx Oshaa – Good Loving

 Dablixx Osha Ft Dellbee – Most High

 DOWNLOAD MP3: Dablixx Oshaa – Shot A Man Down



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