Must Read! 5 Things We Learnt From Wizkid & Drake Performance At 02 Arena

April 11, 2019

It was the surprise of the night. No one at The O2 last night anticipated it. We all didn’t see it coming either.

Unlike some artistes who would have ranted “HEY YO, I’M PULLIN UP AT THE O2 WITH MY BROTHER DRAKE“, Starboy who for sure would have been notified days before the show yesterday, kept mum and gave us no hint he would be at The O2 yesterday.

Then, in his revelling glory, Wizkid appeared and the whole crowd went into a frenzy mode. The surprise matched with the excitement and you could tell with the way the whole fans were lip syncing to “Come Closer” and “Soco“.

Yet, what does this teach us?

1. Drake Is A Big Fan Of Wizkid

For sure, he might not show it enough (everyone is all about their own career), but Drake has been a big fan of Wizkid since the whole relationship all started with the Ojuelegba remix in 2015.

While after that, they did “One Dance” and “Come Closer“, Drake has also continued to show love to Wizkid by posting the artwork of Soco on his story last year and yesterday when he acted as hype man for WizKid, it showed 6 God is a big fan of Starboy. He even shouted Starboy!

2. Wizkid Is Nigeria’s Biggest Act Overseas

Not to discredit members of the 30BG, Wizkid‘s achievement is there for all to see. Ever since the Ojuelegba remix happened in 2015, he’s been on a roller coaster of achievements most Nigerian artistes have failed to match so far.

Probably your greatest act has to get on Billboard Hot 100 for several weeks(One dance did that) or become the most featured African act or countless acts Wizkid has pulled this space won’t be able to contain.

3. Increase In Revenue For Wizkid

This is an important lesson for upcoming artists. Performing to a crowd of mostly Americans and Canadians who came to see arguably the biggest artiste in the World means a lot to Wizkid.

Many who haven’t heard “Come Closer” or “Soco” will go home looking to download or stream either of these songs. Increase in streams for the Starboy

4. More Fans & Followers For Starboy

“Who’s this Starboy Drake is hyping up and down”. Trust me, Google Search results will be up for Wizkid as many will be willing to know more about him, follow him on Instagram and Twitter and also look to Stream/Download more music.

They will join the conversation of the most stubborn fan base in Africa, Wizkid FC and will pull up to any of his shows too. That’s growth!

5. Work Hard In Silence, Your Results Will Be Your Noise

Wizkid’s strides has always been quiet, silent and devoid of those noise.. Not like the other guys shouting “ME AND JCOLE GAT ONE COMING” up and down

It’s an important lesson to everyone, upcoming artistes, entrepreneurs and everyone still coming up, don’t shout about the process or your ongoing work, let the results make the noise for you.

If Wizkid had given us an hint he was going to be at the O2 yesterday, it would have reduced the euphoria we had when he later surprised us with that performance.

Prepare your “food” in silence, when it’s done, the aroma will attract everyone.

That’s why Wizkid’s performance holds so much value because it was unexpected.

So guys, what do you think about this?

Is Wizkid The Greatest Nigerian Artiste right now?

Let’s hear from you all.

Drop your comments.



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