Video: International Local – Gabiro Feat. Videz

March 20, 2019

“International Local is one of those songs that tries to enlighten us that your favorite international artist was also once a local artist or maybe they still are local but on a much elevated platform that makes all of us see them in that context”, says Gabiro

The two artists; Gabiro and Videz have a unique sense of identity that makes them stand out in a field characterized by cut throat competition. The diversity in the different acts has brought a spiced flavor that Kenyan music lovers and listeners all over the world can identify with. However, behind all that glamour, fame and fortune is a lot of hard work that these artists put. Some artists toil and sweat trying to come up with ‘Good Music’ that never makes it to the air waves. Breaking through in the industry, having a voice and a platform to showcase your art is no mean achievement.

Videz on the other hand believes that local music is the exact replica of what many of us believe as international music but when rounded up to the simplest definition it all comes back to what we all refer to as ‘good music’ even though their can never be good or bad music considering every audience has their own different taste of music.

Seeing the two artists define and combine their level of a creativity, skills and ability on one track is one thing many of us would have wanted to happen soon considering Videz produced the hit single Nitembezee by Gabiro which saw him elevate to a mainstream artist. The track is an authentic Kenyan sound fused with a little bit of Caribbean sound to give it the much hyped feeling and vibe we can all expect in a club banger.


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