“The Spotlight” ZagaEmpire Exclusive Interview With Fast Rising Singer & Actor, Whazzee

February 21, 2021

We at ZagaEmpire welcome all our esteem followers to an engagement which gives you the opportunity to meet emerging stars in the Nigeria entertainment industry (). We hope to make this worth your time.

Today, we’ll be meeting with Wasiu Olalekan who is popularly known as . Whazzee is a fast rising singer and actor also a graduate from the Department of Performing Arts in the University of Ilorin.

Whazzee in this Interview tells us about how it all began for him as an entertainer, his background and a whole lot more. Enjoy!!!

ZagaEmpire: Can we meet you?

Whazzee: Yh, my name is Wasiu Olalekan known as Whazzee. I’m an artist, song writer, a thespian and all round entertainer. I’m from Oyo state, born and bred in Abuja. Graduated from The Department of Performing Arts in the University of Ilorin 2019. My sound and rhythm is rare and enjoyable.

ZagaEmpire: What drives you into Music?

Whazzee: It is part of the way I entertain myself

ZagaEmpire: How and where did it start?

Whazzee: All started in my hood in Abuja with my friends when we was in junior secondary school. Then we only have opportunity to record only at night cos we were young.

ZagaEmpire: What was the atmosphere at home and your immediate environment when you first started?

Whazzee: The Atmosphere was lukewarm at first cos it was only my dad who supported me for wanting to do music but on the long run after loosing him 2019 then my mom ask again what I want to use my life for and I still insisted on doing music and that was it.

ZagaEmpire: What is the biggest obstacle you have encountered journeying the path of music?

Whazzee: The biggest Obstacle to me is not getting the support I think I would get from the ones I call my own people.

ZagaEmpire: What has been your greatest motivation as a Musician?

Whazzee: My Dad and the things happening around me.

ZagaEmpire: Aside music, what else do you do?

Whazzee: Aside music I have a lot of side hustle; which includes: Tailoring, Screen-printing, and few other stuff.

ZagaEmpire: Who’s your model in the entertainment industry?

Whazzee: I actually don’t have, cos I just want to do ME.

ZagaEmpire: Why did you choose yourself as your model?

Whazzee: Cos I just want to do ME.

ZagaEmpire: In the next three years, where do you see yourself?

Whazzee: I see myself where I’ve always been, which is the APEX.

ZagaEmpire: What will be your greatest achievement as a Musician?

Whazzee: Seeing people listening and enjoying my music.

ZagaEmpire: If you quit been a Musician, what else will you venture into?

Whazzee: If I ever quit music, it’d be death that came

ZagaEmpire: Do you wish to discuss your relationship status? If yes, who’s the lucky lady?

Whazzee: “I’m in a relationship but I wish not to mention her name”.

ZagaEmpire: Lol, ok. Let’s skip that

ZagaEmpire: Which artiste in the whole of the world earned your maximum respect and why?

Whazzee: Kendrick Lamar. You will see why when you listen to his music.

ZagaEmpire: What has been your relationship with fans and people alike?

Whazzee: Relationship with people listening to my music: 💯, Relationship with people alike; ON GOD.

ZagaEmpire: What advice do you have for fellow upcoming entertainers?

Whazzee: Just do your thing and remember you owe no one an explanation of why you’re yourself.


We at ZagaEmpire says a very big thank you to ‘Whazzee’ for giving us this precious moment amidst your tight schedules.

And our glorious followers for staying glue from the beginning of this interview till the end.

You can Contact/follow for booking and inquiry through:

Instagram: whazzee

Twitter: whazzee



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