Introducing The Womance

March 19, 2020

is a platform devoted to the portrayal of female friendships aimed at debunking the myth that women are their own worst enemies. celebrates and portrays the Nigerian woman in her authenticity, power, and vulnerability.

The portrayal of female on female relationships, most especially friendships, has not been as rewarding. On our various screens, we see women relate, but usually with men as the middle ground, from naïve participants of a man’s philandering ways to a woman and her best friend plotting overdue but hackneyed vengeance on a deserving man. One can say that there are exceptions to this rule, but these exceptions are not enough simply because they are exceptions, not the majority. And in a world with half its population being women, it only makes sense that female friendships stories are not only told but told authentically by people who see women not as vessels of stereotypes but as people, however flawed.

Ever been so dedicated to this course, we have published numerous stories on our social platforms channeling this cause. The feedback has been tremendous and we do not intend to stop. However, we need you.

We need you to work with us in spreading the message that female friendships should abound. We stand to normalize female friendships across the globe because, in the end, this is what matters.

Link: https://www.instagram.com/tv/B9KJRlzlcuq/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

IG: @thewomance

Youtube: The Womance

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