Naira Marley Should Apologize To Ruggedman After Fans Beat Him (SEE WHY)

June 16, 2019

I am terribly disappointed at Marlians who did beat up Ruggedman; seems funs but a show of shame and weakness.

Naira Marley posted on instagram saying Yahoo no be crime. Ruggedman innocently added his opinion saying; don’t mislead younger ones who are already confused don’t legalize or encourage a crime and bla bla…

Naira Marley made a statement saying “Yahoo no be crime.” – Now! if your brain is not  silicon, you ought to know you are 100% responsible for your actions, that includes words. Now EFCC gave NairaMarley a free Uber ride to their office all expenses covered except for bail, alongside Zlantan. Now my own Dear Aunty Kemi…. that I am following and liking every bit of; now made an instigating post that would stare any Naira Marley fan to want to hate Ruggedman – Aunty Kemi added petrol to the fire; calling Ruggedman out as a snitch who ”mouth sponsored” the arrest.

Now people just do zombie-like, react as if their brains evaporated.  I feel for Marley who was just picked up like any other Nigerian youth for suspected internet fraud activities or similar issues and I like the movement so far.

The video where Ruggedman was attacked at 805 Restaurant, in London at about  12:30am on Saturday June 15th  clearly shows Rugged man been hit with restaurant funiture (chairs) by a gang of about 7 guys, that’s to say what ? Brutality & Ganstarism is the next level up in here hmm? The Gang was so weak rugged man was even still fighting 3 of them at same time, before he fled when the 4th guy stabbed him with whatever object he picked from a rear table.  SEE VIDEO HERE

I know there are many NO and LOW-LIVE Nigerians who went to London with great expectations, but are roaming the streets of London picking pockets, stealing CC – that’s  obviously the set gang that attacked Ruggedman! Cos if you have an image to protect OR a face on your passport, you wont be found attempting murder on English soil. If you watched the video they intended to probably brutalize, or even kill Ruggedman .. Over  what?  Ruggedman fought and ran away when he ought to. What else?


Rather, than some jobless youths to google search for jobs; they busy posting  #FreeNairaMarley…  chai!

Youths of Naija ehn … I wish one can download Brain from GooglePlay, to fill your empty skulls, better face your lives – NairaMarley doesn’t care how broke you are, hes busy facing his life.

My Proposed Judgement: Ruggedman is not just an older colleague, but pathfinder for artistes, hence NairaMarley should apologize on behalf of his chicken head fans for the stress and beating, yes but Ruggedy baba strong shaa!   So Do you think Naira Marley Should Apologize To Ruggedman After Fans Beat Him Up, Yes I think so.

– (c) LekanBlaze for Orikanfilamefa




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