(Audio & lyrics) Spice Vision Ft TTY & Sandi Moral – Missing Rib

May 11, 2019


(Audio & lyrics) Spice Vision Ft TTY & Sandi Moral – Missing Rib

International Multiple award winner, SPICE VISION aka Diasporaboss, has come with a spectacular dancehall hit track title “MISSING RIB”, for the world to dance, versatile in every dimension, featuring Two international, NIGERIAN EUROPE BASE superstars, TTY, and SANDI MORAL, this one is for the parties and gigs, OYAH give me dance. PROD. BY GUDBOI.

DOWNLOAD MP3: Spice Vision – Missing Rib ft. TTY & Sandi Moral


My baby. (Shushu)
Sisi oooh hehehe, ( in love formular) i miss you.

I ‘ve found my missing rib, she make me feel so high,(er). blowing my mind sisi.
You make me feel alright. (2×).
Adlip… yeyeyeye. Live forever. (Boom).
Once upon a time.

Spice vision ( LYCRIS).

I ‘ve found you, 3x I really want have to myself.
I ‘ve found you, i ‘ve found you, i reall want to have to myself, you cook and clean and watch for me,
I am satified with your resume. I will give you all that you need, believe me you are closer to me, something in my heart, don going softer for you, something in my head don going gaga for you, you are my love baby hun, you are my girl baby, you are my triganigani that burst my liver, you are the drugs that gets me higher.

(Chorus) …..

Tty. (LYCRIS).

Oh pretty baby girl you fine fine fine.
Bring da booty, whyne whyne whyne.
Koko bilow no time time time.
You light up the place come shine shine shine.
Oh pretty gurl you shine shine shine
You light up the place you fine fine fine
Let da booty bounce come whyne whyne whyne
Koko bellow no time time time
You light up the place come shine shine shine.

Sandi Moral (LYCRIS)

Tic toc
denma know real bitch gat class
Tic toc
Kingston girl… boomklat.
Rampapapam he love me style,
I give it to you baby lika wifi.
the street ain’t nice gimme one more night.. give one more night
Oya let my booty drop (drop 6*)
when me put it back on top (top6*) hahaha Kingston girl, rude gyal.


Spice vision (LYCRIS 2).

One day, one day, i go talk the Tory, Wetin you be wey nor dey make me worry,
like you love me never befor,
like you want to Do it again,
I’ve found uvbi, she has come on to me,(Boom) she say she tired to live in mystery,
I’ve found uvbi, she has come on to me, she has said she too tired to live in mystery.
True to God, you are the girl of dreams.
Ture to God, you are girl with fame.


Tty (LYCRIS 2).
Attention baby, can I give it to you.
Attension baby, can I give to you.
(You come back again nau.)



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