(Lyrics) Yung6ix – Wake Up

March 19, 2019


(Lyrics) Yung6ix – Wake Up


Yung6ix – Wake Up Lyrics

This is not the usual African music

Wake up
Wake up

Girl you got a young nigga feeling wake

I’m awake
No sleeping gotta wake up
Wake up

Girl you got a young nigga feeling wake
I’m awake wake wake

When I burst(bus) it like Danfo
New chains like Jango
And the city don Qwuango

No sleep
I was pressing in the Bando
In the bando
In the band
In the Band
Young nigga on the roll
Young nigga with the bars

Call it Sanko (Jail)
Billionaire ambitions like I’m Dan Go Te
No smile
Laughing to the bank oh

Feeling myself
I nor Dey Wank oh
For the stars
New shoes and they 44’s

Moving with the piece (peace)
Ready for the wars
Cause the Popo out here breaking all the laws
Fucking with me is suicide
You don’t wanna try it
Niggas acting like Dey want beef but they on a diet

Niggas checking out my dialect
Cux I got a new Number 0147 you don’t wanna dial It
Kush on my hand could leave you stoned like Goliath
Yeah we moving out they tryna stop us like a riot

Cux we booked to fly like pilots
I see you writing on the gram
But anytime these niggas see me in the streets they quiet
Started from the streets now the streets call me Idol
Diamonds dancing on the boy like David in the Bible
Used to have Idols
Now they all rivals
They celebrate my departure and hate on my arrival
This is real shit
No cap

On some real shit
I used to wake up with no money
No food
No home
Caught up with the real shit
On some meal shit
Now I fly so much you think I work for the airline
And the pilots recognize me by the cuts on my airline

Traded my sleep for slips I don’t know when is bed time
Bust down rolly on the plane call it airtime
Rich shit nigga call it airtime
Ion even know why they mad at my page
Never been a Bitch Ni**ga
I just drown em with the wave

Call me 6ix men
Who Dey!!!

They just burnt our vote (x2)
Can’t you see




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