Eastern Heritage Awards 2019: Call for Nomination

February 7, 2019


The Eastern Heritage Awards calls for nomination by the general public in the following categories

  1. Best performing Governor of the year
  2. State of the year in infrastructure
  3. State of the year in SME
  4. State of the year in culture and tourism
  5. Outstanding Eastern University of the year
  6. Young performing personality
  7. Youth supportive personality
  8. Entrepreneur of the year
  9. Company of the year
  10. Master of durable roads
  11. Role model to the Female child
  12. Role model to the Male child
  13. Icon of hope
  14. Music artiste of the year and song
  15. Community personality of the year
  16. Icon of excellence
  17. Listeners choice radio station
  18. TV station of the year
  19. Customer friendly transport company in the East
  20. Business personality
  21. Construction company of the year
  22. Oil and Gas company of the year

The nominees should be reputable individuals and corporate organizations that have demonstrated purposeful leadership, excellent service delivery, significant accomplishments and corporate social responsibility towards the development of the Eastern Region.

To nominate, simply send the names of your nominees to easthaaward@heritage-plus.org, easthaaward@gmail.com or send a message to 08166668062, 09077992754


  • All public nominations will be reviewed by the Award Screening Committee to ensure they meet eligibility criteria.
  • The Award Screening Committee will assess these public nominations based on the established assessment criteria.
  • The ASC will further develop a list of top ranked result for assessment by the Advisory Committee.
  • The Advisory Committee will then evaluate the top ranked nominees provided by the Award Screening Committee and recommend the award winners to the Governing Board for final approval.


  1. It is the policy of Heritage plus to establish, organize and maintain effective award programs and to encourage individuals and corporate organizations to be goal oriented.
  2. It is a form of external motivation from the society to these distinguished individuals/organizations for keeping up with their corporate social responsibility to the society.
  3. Employees of Heritage plus and its partners are not eligible for the award.
  4. The award recipients are strongly admonished to support whatever community development programs and project that Heritage plus embark upon before, during and after the event.
  5. Eastern Heritage Award is a private sector initiative of HERITAGE PLUS borne out of dedication, passion and vision to encourage individuals and corporate organizations to invest in societal and economic development for the further advancement and nation building.
  6. The live broadcast, entertainment, electronic and print media coverage content during and after the event is managed by HERITAGE PLUS.
  7. Heritage plus has the exclusive right to nominate and confer award, on distinguished individuals, in the life time honorary achievement category.
  8. The award is a reflection of votes and public opinion, HERITAGE PLUS reserves the right to confer and withdraw any award given if the character awarded falls short of honesty, integrity and sense of responsibility.




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