“My Snail Is Sweeter Than Yours. I Need A Snail Eater” Dayo Amusa Reveals

March 12, 2020

Dayo Amusa has gone on Instagram and Twitter to reveal that she’s in need of someone to eat her “snail”.

The actress shared a photo of herself on Instagram and wrote:

Attention Please!
I need a snail  eater!
I mean, are you a snail eater?

Hours later, she shared another post, writing: “Why are some ladies beefing? Is it my fault that my snail is sweeter than yours?”

She added: “Yes I said it!!! I NEED A SNAIL EATER.”

To show that she means it, she took to Twitter to share same posts.

Only weeks ago, Dayo Amusa called out those who were propositioning her for sex in her DM and in her comment section after she stated publicly that she enjoys having sex.

She made it clear that she doesn’t need people coming to compliment her beauty with “Hey gorgeous” and “Hi beautiful”. She cautioned them and asked them to keep their interactions with her formal and civil.

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