M.I Abaga Reacted After Lagos Man Claims To Have Slept With 5,000 Women

May 7, 2019

MI Abaga, has reacted to claim of Lagos man who has slept with 5,000 women, since he started off the “job” in 2001.

According to @Mr_Aylee, the Lagos who has slept with over 5,000 women is in his 50s and has never spent the night alone since 2001. He tweeted;

I know someone in this Lagos that has knacked over 5,000 babes and he’s not even exaggerating. Some of the babes that are saying its not possible, I’m sure he has knacked Some of you, and to the boys, him go don blow some of your babes e sure me

He’s close to 50 nad he has never spent a night alone since 2001, do the maths, sometimes u sleeps with 3/4 at a time, if I hadn’t met him I might have doubted too

However MI Abaga who reacted to the claim of the Lagos man who has slept with 5,000 women, wondered if the man has slept with a different girl every night for 14 years after his math. He tweeted in response;

Lol.. 5000/365 = 13.7 so for fourteen years he slept with a different girl every day? Come on bruh



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