Comedian Ali Baba Reacts To Election Postponement (See What He Said)

February 16, 2019

Popular comedian Alibaba also reacted to the election postponement in a video he shared on ig recently.

He said he is not that disappointed because that is how government use to disappoint his people.

He said:

That’s how it takes everyone 4 years to prepare for World Cup… but we start planning 6 months before the tournament… but if it’s to prepare the quarters for elected officials… in less than 4 months, it can be sorted.

Corpers will get to camp, their allowances will not be ready. Falcons will win a tournament, their allowances will be in voicemail. Olympics tournaments, we will arrive late. Our contingents will be th last to be airlifted back to Nigeria.

It’s only in Nigeria that AN INTERLOCKED ROAD WILL GO BAD. Interlocked roads are the easiest to maintain across the world. We are the only people who have schools built for 800 students, in 1979, still serving 18,000 students in 2019.

No planning. No punishment for failing to plan. 40 bed Maternities meant for a population of 5000, no caters for a population of 150,000. Airport runways built, in 1970s for airplanes that used to weigh 1/4 The size of current aircrafts, are still in use.

Roads and bridges built to accommodate 1000 vehicular traffic, in a year, now has those 1000 vehicles on the bridge and roads. In an hour. Stationary. Primary schools and Teacher training colleges are still the way they are, but our Governors’ lodges, presidential villas, National and State Assembly quarters, have been upgraded to the latest world standards.

There is no elected officer with a 2000 model vehicle. But they drive the policies with a constitution of 1979. What is the fine for being caught as an intellectual property pirate? 10,000 Naira or less. Now tell me, do they, elected officials still collect what the Assembly and Executive used to earn in the 1980s? None. Every other sector must remain as it is, but the elected must be upgraded.

See NTA, that is the flagship of our national broadcast, or should be the example of our progress, is anchoring on DSTV. Do they care? But go and see them, none of them lives in 1004… That’s old school. Radarada bunch of people. And this post is not only about APC that is in government for 4 years. It’s across board to all politicians. PDP, UPN, NPN… All of them.


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